Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giant Granny-Almost Finished

I am almost finished with my Giant Granny!

I have 45 rows right now and I think 50 rows will make it the right size to completely cover my feet! Then I will be ready to add the border! I am not sure what border I am going to use yet. Probably the same one I plan on using on my Granny Stripes blankets. 

Thanks for all your comments and votes on my Big Surprise! It's unanimous...

A new Ripple blanket. 

I can't wait but I am going to finish my 3-WIPs first.

Have a great week!! 


  1. hi! your granny square is lovely! i am on the process of making my giant granny square too! i am on my 32nd rows already and still going. have a nice day and happy crocheting!

  2. Your giant granny looks fab, congratulations on nearly finishing.
    Look forward to seeing the border.

  3. gorgeous. i love it when you r making a blanket so big it covers you up while you crochet it.

  4. Giant, colorful, beautiful !

  5. It's coming along beautifully! I can't wait to see that edging and the Ta-dah! :)x

  6. Your giant granny is looking very nice. :)

  7. Hola. Te ha quedado preciosa.
    Un saludo.

  8. Hi!
    This so pretty! Love all the colors. Love your header. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  9. Wow, that looks lovely! So exciting when you see the end straight coming! I do like the colours you've chosen, look forward to seeing your border too!

  10. OMGosh! An eye-catcher your Granny Square blanket it is. I know how much goes into such a thing as I've made a baby one before. You go!

  11. looks amazing will be so nice to snuggle under. xx

  12. That's so lovely! I hope you finish it soon so you can't start on your ripple :)

  13. Your blanket looks fabulous - what a great feeling it must be to be nearly finished!

  14. hi Eileen, thank you for visiting and following my blog. i got so excited :P i am on my 42nd row now. when i am done with this i am thinking of making granny stripes too. i love all your projects! i am excited to see the complete giant granny:)

    have a good day!

  15. Hi would love to have you join the Star group and l have already added a post to show the star scarf l made using the same pattern
    Look forward to seeing you in the crochet along then
    Hugs xx


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